Mbonyi’s Icyambu Live concert unfolded

December 31, 2023

Renowned gospel singer Israel Mbonyicyambu recently made history by becoming the first Rwandan singer to sell out the BK Arena twice in a row during his annual Christmas celebration concert, ‘Icyambu Live Concert.’

The second edition of the concert, held on December 25, at BK Arena, witnessed a massive turnout, with thousands of revelers. Doors officially opened at 4 pm and by 5pm, a large crowd had gathered.

Early attendees were treated to the mix of renowned gospel Deejay, Dj Spin, who set the air with various songs, building anticipation for the main event.

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At precisely 6:50 pm, Mcee Yvan Ngenzi, a gospel singer known for his traditional style, graced the stage. Commending DJ Spinal for keeping the crowd engaged, Ngenzi led the audience in celebrating Christmas through different songs, combining traditional dances into his performance.

By 7:38 pm, the stage was set for the highlight of the evening as Mbonyi made his grand entrance. The audience, captured the moment with their cameras, in excitement as he began with his well-known song, “Umusirikare.” This set the stage for a series of captivating performances, including “Yaratwimanye,” the Swahili version of ‘Baho’ (Uwe Hai), ‘Nzibyo Nibwira,‘ and ‘Karame,’ among others.

At 9:30 pm, Mbonyi welcomed renowned pastor Julienne Kabanda to the stage. Kabanda delivered a sermon on the significance of Christmas, captivating the audience with her reflections on the global celebration of this day.

Mbonyi returned to the stage for the second round at 10:05 pm, expressing gratitude for the favor in his life and acknowledging everyone who attended the concert. He treated the audience to a mixture of songs, including “Mfite Umukunzi,” “Ibihe,” “Urukumbuzi,” “Uri Uwigitangaza,” “Urwandiko,” “Nitaamini,” and “Sinzibagirwa.”

Around 11:10 pm, Mbonyi performed the much-anticipated “Nina Siri,” followed by “Hari’ubuzima.” The concert reached its end with the performance of “Icyambu.” As revelers demanded more, he bid farewell but returned for an extra, officially concluding the night at 11:45 pm with a second performance of “Nina Siri.”

The ‘Icyambu Live Concert’ attracted diverse audiences, including children, senior citizens, pastors, and musicians from secular and gospel genres.

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